Build Your Own Cloud 2020

Venue: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Date: postponed to October 2020. please sign for our mailing list to stay updated


The course responds to the need of having your data on-premise and not use commercial cloud services.

It can get a group of people working on any project to build a platform for sharing data in relatively a very short time (one or two days) and with a minimal investment.
 This course will help students build each private cloud storage and provide access to the stored data with minimal cost and in a very short time. The course provides a basic knowledge of Information Technology networking needed to build a private cloud service.

The instructor will provide the needed theoretical information to enable the students to create and use cloud services. The students will build a NAS box and configure and test the cloud services.


    • Cloud Technology
    • Networks

Protocols, OSI model, DHCP FTP Telnet SMB

    • Data Storage overview and types

NAS and usage, Data redundancy

    • Data Security

Firewall, VPN and encryption, Remote login to your cloud

    • Organize data and provide access to rights
    • Safeguard your data:

Cloud backup and synchronization.

 Level: beginner/ intermediate

 Target group

The workshop is for IT students, IT support staff, managers wishing to extend their IT knowledge of cloud services as well as for personnel who work with large amounts of data.


Students do not need specific previous knowledge of IT. Basic knowledge of using modern phones or tablets is required. Knowledge of Operating Systems for Windows Apple or Linux is recommended.

 Additional information

The Build Your Own Cloud workshop continues the series of joint UN-CEU training events under the ISEPEI Project “Bridging ICTs and the Environment”. The ISEPEI Project aims to address the gap between geospatial industry and environmental practitioners by providing in-service education and professional training for environmental decision-makers and practitioners, who are in a position to greatly benefit from this data revolution to better shape management strategies and to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

The price of the workshop: 700 EUR.


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ISEPEI reserves the right to cancel the course if it fails to meet the requirement of minimum enrolment. We will inform all applicants until April 28 about the confirmation or cancellation of the course.  Should the course be canceled, ISEPEI or summer school will refund 100% of the fee paid. Participants should not purchase tickets or book accommodations before the confirmation date, as the summer school or ISEPEI can only reimburse the fee but no other costs.