ISEPEI is based at Central European University (CEU), a postgraduate institution located in the heart of Central Europe - in Vienna and Budapest - recognized for its excellence in public policy education. The University was recently ranked in the world’s top 100 universities in social sciences and humanities by The Times Higher Education Review. With approximately 1,400 students and 370 faculty from 130+ countries, CEU is one of the most densely international universities in the world. 

CEU hosts 14 departments, including Environmental Sciences and Policy, International Relations and European Studies, and Public Policy departments, among others, as well as several research centers that are funded by a number of international initiatives. The campus has well-equipped facilities for interactive group work and advanced videoconferencing equipment.

Established to train a new generation of decision- and policy-makers in the region, CEU has extensive links to regional governmental agencies, international environment and civil society organizations, and the ICT industry.